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Professional Ship Builders  & Ship Brokers for all type of vessels
International access to used and new builds.
Ferry Services, Offshore Services, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair & Maintenance in Nigeria


HSE Policy Statement


ShipMultiVision Nig. Ltd., RC - 1221291 a Nigerian registered company and a member of  the AluminumNow Group, wishes to be identified with the local communities in the areas of our operations and is poised to promote peace and development in Nigeria.


ShipMultiVision Nig. Ltd. is committed to providing a high standard of development and services to all its clients/customers to bring sustained business development to the benefit of the Nigerian people.


We will take all necessary steps to maintain good relationship with our host communities, wishing them to participate and to be partners in progress.


Because our operations are not static, ShipMultiVision Nig. Ltd.. has adopted a flexible approach to community relations. And our goals are not limited to the following:


*   To provide employment opportunities to the host communities whenever possible - offshore and onshore. 

*   To train indigenous manpower to have internationally competence.*

*   To employ community liaison officers from within the various host communities, to help keep a fluid dialogue. *   To assist in developmental projects with particular preference for youth empowerment.

*   To assist in providing relief measures in times of emergency and crises.

*   To communicate with charterers before the start of any job, services in order to identify the area of

       assistance for host communities.

*   To contribute our quota in the development of Nigerian economy making the host communities partners in

       progress in our business.

*   To provide a conducive environment for business development.

*   To give recognition to the Royal fathers in the host communities.

*   Our motto: Complete Service to the needs of the Nigeria People for transportation, shipbuilding in Nigeria

       and service to Oil, Gas or Marine Industry in a clear and transparent manner.



If you are seeking design and new builds
Please call or email for further information

If you are selling a boat:

Please contact us if you are considering selling a vessel.
We are happy to discuss all your questions, concerns or needs.
This is a no hassle, no stress and totally free conversation and consultation.

If you are buying a boat:

Get in touch and let us know if you have a specific type of vessel in mind, have seen something you want or are uncertain what would be good for you. We are always interested in discussing boats! If you haven't seen what you want on our website it may be in our offline portfolio or we know who would have it.

If you are looking for an independent professional to work with you on a deal or help in negotiations with another party we are more than able to help.

If you are a marine professional:

If you can take a minute - let us know about yourself or your business. We continuously strive to build strong,
trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with skilled and knowledgeable professionals from all parts of the world.



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